Peony Roots Ship Fall 2024

Our goal is to set you up for success in your peony adventure.

While it seems like a long time to wait given that our most popular peony varieties sell out by the end of June, it is important to note that peony orders will not be ready for pickup or shipment until October 2023. We are located in Zone 6B. For our friends in Zone 3, peonies can still be planted, after it snows, but we recommend that you prepare your planting location a month before hand. Peony roots are winter hardy + do not mind cold weather planting.


We do not ship peony roots in the spring for reasons best described by an expert in the industry below:" Spring planted packaged peonies are stressed because they missed their proper rooting time when soil temperatures were becoming cooler. Many spring packaged bare root peonies are cheaper because they are left over roots that did not sell in the fall at the proper planting missing their rooting season, which could not occur while they were in storage. Few people buying these roots and planting them in the spring can achieve a vigorous and beautiful display even after several years of recuperation."-Harvey Buchite for the American Peony Society, 2019

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