Favourite Resources + Products


Here I have linked up a few of our favourite things to help you along the way:

The Bees

Ask OMAFRA Bee Portal

Keeping bees in Ontario? They must be registered. You can register them here for free.


Ontario Beekeeper's Association

Memberships allow you to access group liability insurance for beekeepers, informative journals, industry info, sales and so much more.

OMAFRA Beekeeping Guidelines

The rules for keeping bees in Ontario

Ontario Honey Labelling + Sales Regulations

The rules for labelling + selling honey in Ontario

Ontario Women's Beekeeping Network Facebook Group

We absolutely love all the supportive women in this group. A great place for new beekeepers to gain mentorship. 

University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre Youtube Channel

Informative videos and how to guides from leaders in honey bee research in Canada

The Flowers

Sunrise Greenhouses LTD

Where my learning began. The Bierhuizen family biz started by my parents in 1978. 

The Canadian Peony Society

Informative articles, videos, and journals to help you learn about peonies. Your support + membership = more resources. Consider becoming a member!

The Canadian Rose Society

Informative articles, videos, and journals to help you learn about peonies. Your support + membership = more resources. Consider becoming a member!

The American Peony Society

Another great resource for all things peonies!

University of Michigan Peony Garden

As a U of M alum, I am partial. This is where I fell in love with peonies! Interested in different varieties? Check out there Peony Database!

Business Tools


One stop shop for designing, formatting, and printing. Such a game changer as both a entrepreneur + educator.  I create all my social media, marketing, and website designs in Canva. Accounts are free, but the Pro account is so worth it if you create a lot of content. 


Our website uses the Shopify platform for e-commerce. In case you haven't noticed, I'm kind of obsessed with Shopify. I love it because it literally takes minutes to build and customize your own website and launch it. Not to mention, most functions are already built-in and they are a Canadian company! I love how I can process a sale at the farmer's market, look up an order, or update my webpage, all from the touch of my phone! Have questions? Reach out. I can help you along.


Like our emails? It's all done using Flodesk. Mailchimp is good if your are starting out, but it has it's limitations. If you want to up your email game- Flodesk. You know I am always on the go, so I bulk create all my emails, and schedule them to land in your inboxes at just the right time. Interested in Flodesk? I've linked it up so that you get 50% off your membership. My favourite feature, segments + opt-ins allow you to decide what you want to learn about from us and what you don't


How do I run the farm and keep a day job? I don't do it all. I hire experts who can do the work either better than myself and/or in much less the time that it would take me to learn. I value the time I get to spend with my family, pets, and talking to my FC community. I can't do that if I am bogged down by certain jobs. This is also a small business. We're still growing and so hiring people right now is not an option, so I love the contract work nature of Fiverr.