Our Mission

We are dedicated to growing and raising plants and animals that thrive and bring a unique sense of beauty and fulfillment to peoples' lives.We have spent years carefully selecting the best varieties and breeds to help everyone from the beginner to the expert achieve their vision and goals in their own backyards.

We believe that everyday serenity can be found by surrounding yourself with simple, beauty grounded in nature. Our hearts fill with joy as we pass through the seasons on the farm. Being surrounded by the pink petals and smells of peonies in June, the plumage and friendly-nature of our favourite hens and geese greeting us in the morning, the smile of our sheep at feed time, the unforgetable taste of honey from our bees, or the romantic look and smell of walking through an arbor overflowing with roses keeps us humble and makes us grateful every day.

We want you to feel the same. 

Our goal is to do so by helping you create your own slice of heaven at home by offering plants and animals that are exceptional in quality, health, and beauty and the education and customer support that only a small, family-run business can provide.