Meet Angela

Angela, better known as 'Ang', is a 2nd generation flower farmer, long-time animal enthusiast/breeder, founder of Forest Creek Farmhouse, and educator by day.

In 1977, her newlywed parents, Robert and Francis Bierhuizen, moved from Rotterdam, The Netherlands to St. Catharines, Ontario. Here they founded Sunrise Greenhouse LTD. Ang and her siblings grew up working in and surrounded by the burgeoning horticulture industry in Canada. While her siblings, Rodney and Chandra, continue to run the family business, Angela chose the round about path to flowers. 

In 1998, a rowing scholarship led her to the University of Michigan where she pursued another passion, teaching. Here at the Nichol's Arboretum, she discovered the wonderful world of peonies. Early in her teaching career, she made ends meet by breeding, showing, and training a variety of animals, making a name for herself by producing champions and winning awards for handling and showmanship. She knows exactly what draws a winning eye. 

In 2013, the purchase of her own farm gave her the opportunity to cultivate her passion for raising animals and growing flowers with the support of her husband Chris and son, Mason. Her true why though, is her amazing customers and the relationships she has built through the farm & flowers.

Angela has a keen eye for understanding the look and quality her customers desire. She uses this talent to carefully select exceptional bare root rose, peony collections, and potted plant collections.  She takes her experience as a woman in Ag and mama, to find productive, healthy, and family-friendly breeds of poultry and honey bees to share with her customers. 

She leverages her talent as an educator to teach virtual and on-farm workshops that inspire and build confidence her students to make their plants and animals thrive at home. Ang's favourite part is watching the confidence in her customers and workshop participants grow.

Instagram stories is where she uses humour to share the ups and downs of life on the farm and the mistakes she makes on her own learning journey. Follow the farm @forestcreekfarmhouse to watch her next adventure.