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100% Raw Golden Wildflower Honey

100% Raw Golden Wildflower Honey

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Shhh this honey is kind of a Niagara secret! It's literally the best honey you'll ever try. I like to think it's because I dote on our bees, but in reality all the credit goes to the Forest Creek bees. 

We've planted acres of wildflowers, trees, buckwheat, phacelia, sunflowers and clover to give our girls a variety of options throughout the season. In turn, they give us the most incredible honey to share with you. It's light, floral, and the taste lingers on your tongue leaving you wanting more. 

Our 100% honey is raw + unpasteurized to maintain the beneficial nutrients. We call it 'liquid gold' because of local honey's ability to enhance + support our health. Honey is full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and beneficial enzymes. Research indicates that it has anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties. It's kind of an 8000 year old secret weapon to supporting health. 

We believe that keeping and maintaining pollinators on the property is our part in helping sustain the health of the ecosystem we call home as well as that of the world around us. When you support local beekeepers, you are supporting pollinators in your area.

Why does honey sometimes have bubbles or crystalize? Both are some ways you can tell its the real deal. Bubbles can be a part of the bottling process, while cystalization is a natural process with pure, unpasteurized honey. It can happen more often depending on the nectar source used to make it. Simply heat it up to make it liquid again. 

Only available in Ontario.

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