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  • Duchesse de Nemours is the most popular white peony.
  • Duchesse de Nemours has large white flowers that require staking.
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Duchesse de Nemours

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Duchesse she is not, she is truly 'The Queen'. Duchesse de Nemours has been going strong since 1856. The beauty is the whitest of all of our peony cultivars. Her fragrance and pure white milky petals make her pairable with just about any other peony colour.

I’m sure you can see her now, either as a stand alone show stopper in your garden or interspersed between your favourite mid-blooming pink or bicoloured peony like Lady Alexander Duff (hot pink) or She's My Star (deep pink & white bicolour).

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Guérin, 1840 Lactiflora Double Mid White 3 ft Yes