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  • Mother's Choice is one of the most popular blush peony varieties.
  • Mother's Choice peony plants have both rose shaped flowers and fragrance.
  • Peonia Mother's Choice reach 2.5 ft in height and do not need staking in the garden.
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Mother's Choice

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A favourite variety for its large, ivory white flowers containing hints of pale pink, lemon, and cream. Mother's Choice has a rose-like fragrance and its long, sturdy stems do not require staking.

Consider planting a combination of shades of white and soft pink by planting peonies that will bloom in succession: 'Gardenia' (Early Midseason blush white), 'Shirley Temple' (Midseason blush) and 'Mother's Choice' (Late Midseason blush).

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Glasscock, 1950 Lactiflora Double Mid Soft pink 2.5 ft Yes