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Pastelelegance | Most Desired Peony on the Market

Pastelelegance | Most Desired Peony on the Market

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Pastelelegance is currently the most sought after cut flower peony on the market due to is rare colouring. Seidl bred Pastelelegance by crossing Lemon Chiffon with Salmon Dream. The blend comes through in its prolific blooms that are a mix of salmon and yellow to form a pastel palette.

Due to the demand for this peony by brides and in high-end floral design, cut flowers are hard to come by. We are fortunate that many Forest Creek customers across Canada are premium floral designers. We have enjoyed coaching them in growing their own Pastelegance to be able to meet their customer demand and can work with you to do the same!

Pastelelegance pairs well with Lois Choice (bi-coloured pastel/pink) for a spring vibe or Madame Claude Tain (Creamy White) for the most romantic and exquisitely smelling bouquet or garden.

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Seidl, 1989 Hybrid Semi-Double Mid Pastel 3 ft Yes
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