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Queen Cells | Buckfast & Italian

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Gentle bees known for honey + brood production

For us, non-aggressive and winter hardy breeds are are key. We have kids + animals running around a while we don't mind the occasional sting on inspections, we don't want bees that hate our very presence. 

Over the years we have worked with several breeds (races) of honey bees and have identified Italians and Buckfast lines to be the best fit for backyard beekeepers and small scale apiaries. 

What to Expect:

  • You will have your choice of Buckfast or Italian queen cells
  • Our queen cells are made to order and will be available 9-10 days from purchase (we will tell you their age upon pick up)
  • The cell will come in a box with shavings to keep them at a good temperature
  • Queen cells are ready to install when you get home
  • Farm gate pick up only

*** While our queen cells come from our purebred mated Buckfast + Italian queens, it is important to note that the virgin queen will emerge and mate with drones in your beeyard which could affect the personality of your hive. 

OMAFRA approved to sell nucs + queens in Ontario. Permit available on request.