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FC Rainbow Layer 5 Pack | Grow Out Pullets

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Let us do the hard part for you! Grow Outs are 6-7 weeks old, off the heat lamp, and coop ready. Available in March 2023. Guaranteed female, you will begin getting a rainbow of eggs in early June. 

Your insta flock is here! These are my favourite layers put together to give you Pinterest worthy photos. This flock of 5 amazing breeds will provide you with enough eggs to feed your fam farm fresh eggs and impress your friends. It's a great starter flock for the beginner and those looking to upgrade their egg bowl colours to get that rainbow layer look. 

You will receive 1 of each of the following female grow outs:

  • Speckled Sussex- Light beige/pink layer
  • Welsummer- Brown speckled layer
  • White Leghorn- White egg layer
  • Whitings True Blue- blue egg layer
  • Whiting True Green- green egg layer

Girls will be coop ready for pick up at the end of March and will begin laying at the beginning of June. Girls will be vaccinated for Mareks a fatal disease in poultry. 

*No substitutes. 

Poultry Size: Standard

Egg Colours: 1 white, 1 light beige/pink, 1 blue, 1 green, 1 brown speckled 

Egg Size: Large

Family Friendly: 10/10

Cuddle Factor: 6-8/10- production breeds are not known to be cuddlers, they are all sweet though.