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Spring/Fall Treatment Applications + IPM

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This was one of the most confusing parts of my learning experience. Figuring out what I had to do and when and despite all of it, I still lost my hive over the second winter. So frustrating! In fact, it almost made me quit beekeeping. 

Spring + Fall Treatment applications take the guess work out for you.

Years of beekeeping and attending workshops on integrated pest management in beekeeping have allowed me to simplify the process. 

I will come out to your hives and either inspect or teach you what to do at key times of the year so you can move forward with confidence on your own or continue with this service. Some treatments require a prescription, so we have paired up with our favourite bee vet, Hockley Valley Mobile Vet, as a part of this package. 

This service includes:

  • Timely treatment in accordance with OMAFRA guidelines using approved products
  • The cost of the treatment where necessary
  • Spring, Fall, and Spring + Fall options
  • Hive inspection report
  • Treatment removal follow up
  • Vet consultation + prescription (for Oxytet) with Hockley Mobile Vet required for Fall treatments.

*This service is only available within the Niagara Region and is limited to a total of 6 hives on your property. Meds included. We can discuss organic treatments via phone call when you book should this be your preference.