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Sunflower Pro Cut Orange | Seeds

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Helianthus annuus                                                                    Annual ~ Full Sun

Pro Cut Series Sunflower seeds grow into highly sought after, single stemmed, pollenless blooms that create the bright, picture perfect, sunflowers dreams are made of! 

Bred for the cut flower industry, they are best known for their consistency and beauty. They can be enjoyed in the garden while pollinators, birds, and animals benefit from the nutrients they provide or enjoy what they are known for best-their long-lasting vase life (7-12 days) or dried. 

Our bestseller- Pro Cut 'Orange' produces the rich golden sunflowers that you see in the media and in floral bouquets. 'Orange' seed heads are are dark brown, really helping to define the quintessential desired by most when they think of sunflowers.

Planting Instructions:

Planting Method: Direct sow recommended

Location: Sunny, well drained soil

Seed Depth/Spacing: 1/2 in deep, 4-6 in apart

Germination: 7-14 days

Bloom Time: 50-60 days after planting

Height/Type: 5-6 ft, single, pollenless cut flower

Succession Planting: Sow 1-2 weeks apart

Package: Approx. 20-23 seeds per package