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Welsummer | Grow Out Pullet

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$32.00 CAD

Coop Ready! Grow out pullets are 5-6 weeks old and no longer require heat/brooder. Pick Up- May 19-21, 2021. 

$50 non-refundable deposit on chick & pullet orders

This is a hot breed for a good reason, they have really unique mahogany feathers with partridge patterning combined with a speckled brown egg. This originates in our homeland, the Netherlands, so of course we had to have them!

The speckled egg egg that they lay makes them a good add for backyard hobbyists who like to hatch out easter and olive eggers who lay speckled blue + green eggs as a result of Welsummer genetic traits.

Poultry Size: Standard

Egg Colour: Speckled Brown

Egg Size: Large - L-XL

Age of Lay: Feels like forever! More like 22-24 weeks

Family Friendly: 9/10

Cuddle Factor: 8/10