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Whitings True Blue | Grow Out Pullet

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Let us do the hard part for you! Grow Outs are 6-7 weeks old, off the heat lamp, and coop ready. Available in March 2023. Birds will begin laying in May.

Whitings True Blue lay large to extra large blue eggs nearly daily and are a must have in your flock for this very reason. This is a breed developed by Dr. Tom Whiting. It is not a hybrid like Frey's Azure Blues. Whiting's True Blues can range in feather colour from all black, grey, orange, brown, and white. 

Poultry Size: Standard

Egg Colour: Light Blue, pullets can lay deep blue eggs

Egg Size: XL

Point of Lay: 18-20 weeks, steady layer year round

Family Friendly: 8/10

Cuddle Factor: 6/10- hen specific, this is an aloof but curious breed. They will not want to cuddle, but the first to greet you.