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2 Pack Wool Dryer Balls | 100% Hand Felted Wool

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$22.00 CAD

Set of 2 - 100% wool dryer balls, hand-felted here on the farm. Choose your colour. Comes with a bamboo bag.

We made these wool dryer balls with 100% love + sustainable wool. The benefits of our 2 pack dryer balls include:

Cuts drying time down by up to 40%, saving you money + helping our planet

Chemical free from a renewable resource- wool!

Softens fabric naturally + helps to reduce wrinkles and static

Economical + environmentally friendly alternative chemical laden fabric softeners or dryer sheets

Reduce the chances of house fires caused by chemical build up in lint traps by dryer sheets

Wool dryer balls can easily be 'recharged' every 100 loads by washing them in hot water and drying them on high heat.

Coloured dryer balls WILL NOT affect the colour of your fabrics.