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Coop Ready! Grow out pullets are 5-6 weeks old and no longer require heat/brooder. 

All pullets are vaccinated for Mareks Disease and come with a 48 hour health guarantee. 


Towards the end of February we were made aware by veterinarians that a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza was discovered in North America. In 2015, a similar strain of the virus was responsible for the deaths of millions of birds. In addition, it had major impacts on the industry and food prices. We have been closely following the progression of Avian Influenza through the migratory pathways from the South. We knew that it was only a matter of time until it arrived in Ontario. Last week the virus was discovered in the Waterloo Region. 

While we are celebrating a successful start to the chick season, we are also finding ourselves having to make the difficult decision to cut the 2022 Chick Season at Forest Creek short. We pride ourselves, and invest heavily in making sure that the chicks you bring home are of the best health. We remain grounded in our morals and ethics on poultry health and wellbeing. That is, and will always be our #1 driver. 

As a business, we recognize our role in mitigating the impacts of this avian flu epidemic. We feel our role at Forest Creek is to protect the commercial industry and backyard flocks in Ontario by continuing to maintain our strict biosecurity, listen to the advice of veterinarians, OMAFRA, and the CFIA, but most importantly by not moving birds around the province at this time through chick sales.

Many in the commercial industry around us rely heavily on the sale of poultry byproducts such as meat and eggs to feed their families. The loss of a poultry crop would be devastating to some families. AI will also have a direct impact on the cost of these items in grocery stores, making these nutritional sources of protein inaccessible to families in-need who can no longer afford them during a time of already heightening cost of living. Personally, we cannot be a part of contributing to that from a moral and ethical standpoint.

As stated before, we will be ending our 2022 chick season here short at Forest Creek. We have emailed all April and May orders to see if they are willing to accept their orders now or whether or not they would like a refund. This decision has not been made lightly. The decision was grounded in our personal values and ethics and based on our context as a business. We respect the personal thoughts and decisions of others involved in poultry sales in Ontario and will not engage in any judgment or debates resulting from the choices that they need to make. 

We plan on offering chicks again for the 2023 season. We ask you to trust us as we make decisions now to serve the wider poultry community in the best way possible. 


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Additional Information

A guarantee of 96% sexing accuracy on pullet orders. All claims for adjustments must be made before the birds are 12 weeks old.

Orders are accepted subject to conditions incidental to the poultry industry. Our responsibility for loss or damage arising out of incorrect fulfillment of breeds, sex or numbers, delay or failure of shipment or any other cause is limited to the original price paid. Forest Creek Farmhouse operates under Federal and Provincial government regulations.

It is understood and agreed that no representation or warranty as to the livability, production, freedom from disease, transmission of disease from bird to human, fitness for use, or otherwise, is made by Forest Creek Farmhouse. By purchasing birds from Forest Creek Farmhouse you assume all liability once the bird leaves the premises.

All birds remain the property of Forest Creek Farmhouse until they leave the property.