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Thank you for your support! Our chick season for 2023 has concluded as we shift to prepare for the beekeeping, lambing, and flower season. Be sure to join our email address for news regarding the 2024 chick season!


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A guarantee of 96% sexing accuracy on pullet orders. All claims for adjustments must be made before the birds are 12 weeks old.

Orders are accepted subject to conditions incidental to the poultry industry. Our responsibility for loss or damage arising out of incorrect fulfillment of breeds, sex or numbers, delay or failure of shipment or any other cause is limited to the original price paid. Forest Creek Farmhouse operates under Federal and Provincial government regulations.

It is understood and agreed that no representation or warranty as to the livability, production, freedom from disease, transmission of disease from bird to human, fitness for use, or otherwise, is made by Forest Creek Farmhouse. By purchasing birds from Forest Creek Farmhouse you assume all liability once the bird leaves the premises.

All birds remain the property of Forest Creek Farmhouse until they leave the property. We maintain a right to cancel and refund sales where we feel it is in the best interest of the animal.