4 Week Old Pullets (Female Chicks)

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Don't want the fuss of a brooder and can't have roosters? 

4 Week Old Pullets are the way to go.

Many years ago we were in your shoes. Since then, we have worked hard to ensure you get the best of the best for your flock, too.  All of our rare breed chicks are professionally sexed pullets (female). Each pullet has been vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis and are from a vet inspected and certified flocks. We guarantee the health of our pullets in the first 24 hrs and provide full refunds for losses reported within that time frame. We practice strict biosecurity to ensure the safety of your flock. 


May 8-9, 2021 Pick Up

May 22-23 Pick Up

We do not ship chicks at this time.

Tips to secure the chicks you want:

-All orders must be placed via the website. We cannot accept phone, social media or email orders

-The chick is not 'yours' until you checkout and pay. Chicks are first come first serve based on payment fulfillment


Fluffy + Friendly Breeds

Great as family pets and known for their beautiful plumage

Blue Cochin Females- feathered leg, brown layer. Due to blue genetics approx. 50% chicks blue, other 50% either black or splash

Silver Laced Cochin Females- feathered leg, brown layer

Blue Red Laced Wyandotte Females- clean leg, brown egg layer

Golden Laced Wyandotte Females- clean leg, brown egg layer

Buff Orpington Females- brown egg layer

Light Brahma Females- feathered leg, brown egg layer

Speckled Sussex Females- brown egg layer

Coloured Egg Layers

These breeds will meet all of your rainbow egg dreams

Black Copper Marans Females- feathered leg, chocolate egg layer

Cream Legbar Female- sky blue egg layer

White Leghorn Females- XL prolific white egg layer

Welsummer Females- speckled brown egg layer

True Blue Females- prolific blue egg layer

True Green Females- prolific mint/sage green egg layer

Buttercup Females- white egg layer

Silver Spangled Hamburg Females- white egg layer

Novelty Breeds

Rare breeds known for their beautiful headdresses

Crevecoeur Females- tinted egg layer, critically endangered

Black White Crested Polish Females- white egg layer

White Polish Females- white egg layer

Golden Laced Polish Females- white egg layer