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Blue Cochin | Female

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The OG Cochin to Forest Creek. This bird made us fall in love with Cochins. Due to blue genetics, they can range from all white, to light-dark blue, to all black in colour.  While nature has the last call, you will still love them all.

This total fluff ball with feathered legs is so friendly, we just walk around the farm with them. Cochins are like the Labrador Retrievers of the chicken world. Like Brahmas, they are absolutely amazing with children and first to greet you in the morning. They will hit you up for treats + be your flock favourites.

Poultry Size: Standard

Egg Colour: Light Beige

Egg Size: Medium

Age of Lay: 22-26 weeks, she's too busy making fluffy butt feathers

Family Friendly: 10/10

Cuddle Factor: 10/10- little children love to dress them up and they are happy to oblige