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  • Command Performance is a bright red peony that lasts over two weeks.
  • Command Performance red peony plant.
  • Command Performance large, red flowers are frilly in the middle with large soft guard petals.
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Command Performance

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Two weeks of colour changing metamorphosis. Command Performance doesn't disappoint. This peony's extremely large blooms start out a bright red in colour and eventually fade to white as the flower comes to the end of its bloom. An excellent choice for those who want to enjoy the peony season for as long as possible or for those who enjoy sharing the gifts of their own cut flower garden with others.

Command Performance is a mid-season bloomer that makes excellent monochromatic hedge of colour or can be paired with mid-blooming Duchesse de Nemours (white) for a truly Canadian feel.

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Hollingsworth, 1996 Hybrid Double Mid Red 2.5 ft Yes