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Introduction to Beekeeping | Course

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So you want to get into beekeeping? Start here.

Did you know that bees are amazing mathematicians, each colony member has a role, and that beekeeping has been documented exiting over 10,000 years ago? 

Certified educator and beekeeper, Angela, breaks the learning into this beginner beekeeping basics course into easy to remember steps and timelines. 

Webinar Syllabus Includes:

  • Life cycle + Bee Colony Structure
  • Where to source healthy bees
  • Necessary equipment for first year beekeepers
  • Keeping your bees healthy
  • Pest Management Protocols

Webinar duration will be approximately 75 minutes via ZOOM. Resources will be included. It is a great introductory course for those interested in beekeeping or who plan to obtain their first hive in the spring. Login information will be sent closer to the date/time your have selected.

*Course is free for those enrolled in monthly group coaching. You will be sent a code to use at checkout. 

A Note from Ang, the beekeeper-

As an educator and instructional leader, this is the first step of many to understanding beekeeping. It truly is a lifelong pursuit that is so worth it!

While one class will give you an understanding, one and done courses will not prepare for your first year of beekeeping- a good bee mentor, guided hive inspections in your apiary, your own trial and error, and continuous opportunities to learn and speak with others is the best way to optimize your learning. Investing in your learning now is key to the success of both you + your bees. We're here to help.