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Shirley Temple

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$34.00 CAD
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$42.00 CAD
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$34.00 CAD

Ships in Mid-October 2021

A close tie with Nick Shaylor for one of our favourite blush tone peonies. Shirley Temple is in the Top 10 of most popular peony varieties because of its sweet smelling, pale pink and creamy vanilla petals. Its strong stems make it the perfect cut flower and addition to any garden.

It pairs well with other late-bloomers like Sarah Bernhardt (pink) and The Fawn (hot pink). Can't decide between Nick Shaylor and Shirley Temple for a late blooming blush peony? Nick Shaylor sometimes has dark pink streaks throughout and taller, while Shirley is whiter and a shorter plant. Shirley will flower a little earlier than Nick, so if you can't decide, planting them both will give you a nice overlay of blush tones, just be sure to plant Nick behind Shirley!

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Unknown, 1952 Lactiflora Double Late Soft pink 2.5 ft Yes