Our Breeds

We've got just what you want.

We carry a variety of rare breed chickens for your backyard flock. Each breed has been hand-selected for specific traits. We've broken them down into categories to make your choice easier. You're still going to want to take them all home though!

Fluffy and Friendly Breeds: The Golden Retrievers the chicken world. These breeds lay tan/beige coloured eggs


Blue + Silver Laced Cochins are fluffy teddy bears.If you want a lap chicken, choose a cochin. They also make excellent mothers and lay a mid-size tan coloured egg. They are well suited to families with small children or if you want to show off your chickens to friends. 

* Due to blue gene genetics, Blue Cochin chicks can be splash white, light blue, slate blue, or black in colour. Regardless, they are all beautiful birds.

Blue Laced Red + Golden Laced Wyandottes are well suited to Canadian winters, but they are best known for the beautiful lacing on their feathers. Their plumage makes them living lawn ornaments. Their friendly nature makes them great pets. They lay a light brown egg.

Buff Orpingtons have a bright orangey-lemon hue to their plumage. Their fluffy butts are a joy to watch in the garden. They are a hardy breed who will lay brown/pink hued eggs with lots of bloom. 

Light Brahma are big girls who are as fluffy as they get. They are like labs sitting at the dog food bowl and will do anything for treats. Their docile personality suit them to homes with children. 

Speckled Sussex are very unique looking. This large breed is mahogany in colour with black and white speckling throughout. They are a large breed who lays well in the winter. 

Coloured Egg Layers: Blue, green, chocolate, and white coloured eggs to give you a Pinterest worthy egg bowl

Black Copper + Cukoo Marans

Crested Cream Legbar


Whitings True Blue + True Green

Buttercups + Silver Spangled Hamburgs are both smaller breed birds that are everyday layers of white eggs. They have beautiful lacing in their plumage making them pretty to look at, but they are also savvy on their feet making them great additions to backyards where predation is high. Nothing can catch these chickens!

Novelty Breeds: Known for their comical head pieces. many of these breeds are on the 'critically endangered list'. Let's keep these beautiful breeds going!

Crevecoeur- we absolutely love this breed for their good nature and curiosity! These girls grow up to have a large crown of black feathers on top of their heads. They lay a white egg with a pink tint.