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  • Two Forest Creek Farmhouse honey bees pictured up close.
  • Angela the beekeeper helping a new beekeeper install their nuc into their hive.
  • 4 frame nuc box labelled.
  • Forest Creek Farmhouse nuc colonies loaded in the truck and off to their new home.
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4 Frame Nuc of Bees | Starter Colony Deposit

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$50.00 CAD
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$50.00 CAD

Farm-gate pick up or delivery available in Niagara

****SOLD OUT FOR 2021****


Nuc Price: $225

Deposit to Reserve: $50

Thinking of starting your beekeeping journey, but not sure where to start? We were nervous when we started out, too. Martin Luther King Jr. once said 'You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." If our 6 year old can do it, we are confident you can, too! 

We will give you a two week notice when your bees are ready for pick up. We will provide you with instructions on what to do with your bees when you get home. To help ensure your success in the first year, we have created a nurture series of emails delivered at key times of the year with next steps for caring for your bee colony. 

Selling honey bees in Ontario requires a permit. We are OMAFRA approved to sell honey bee nucs + queens.


What's Included:

Our 4 frame nucs come with 1 mated queen with Italian/Buckfast honey bee lineage (we like our bees sweet, easy to handle, and healthy), 2 frames of brood, 1 frame of pollen, and 1 frame of honey in a recyclable nuc box. We follow the Ontario Beekeeper Association and OMAFRA guidelines and regulations to keep our bees happy, healthy, and thriving. 

What's not included:

**Placing an order for this item means you are just buying the bees, you still require a permanent home for them as your colony grows.

If you are interested in a full starter package 10 Frame Langstroth-2 Deep Hive Set Up for your colony to grow into or would like some on-site guidance installing your nuc we have that, too!

Nuc deposits are non-refundable.