6 Week Old Pullets | Rainbow Egg Laying Breeds

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***Our list of started pullets will be updated in May. These babies need to hatch + grow first***

Can't have roosters where you live? Want to ensure that your started chicks come from a healthy flock? Why not fill your coop with beautiful, started pullets (young females)?

Rainbow Egg Layer Breed Pullets

Do you want your own pinterest worthy bowl of colourful eggs? Our rainbow egg layer breeds have been chosen for their colourful eggs. These breeds tend to be more flighty yet curious than our fluffy + friendly breeds, but they make up for it with their beautiful eggs!

Black Copper Marans lay large chocolate eggs 4-6 times per week

Cream Legbars lay medium to large sky blue eggs 4-6 times per week

Whitings True Blue lay large lighter blue eggs daily

Whitings True Green lay large mint green to sage coloured eggs daily

Silver Laced Hamburgs lay a medium white egg daily

Buttercups lay a medium white egg daily

White Leghorns lay large white eggs daily

Why do people love Forest Creek Farmhouse started pullets?

At 6 weeks, pullets no longer need heat and are ready for your coop

Our pullets come from vet inspected and vaccinated flocks

Each pullet is vaccinated for coccidiosis and Mareks

We have 4 pick up weekends from May through June

We have a health guarantee and a rooster guarantee. If you lose a chick or get a rooster, we will refund or replace based on your request.

We provide ongoing, direct support for all of your questions and concerns

We only sell so many pullets per year. We are small batch by intent. The health of our flock + our ability to support our backyard chicken families is our