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Blue Red Laced Wyandotte | Grow Out Pullet

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$32.00 CAD

Coop Ready! Grow out pullets are 5-6 weeks old and no longer require heat/brooder. Pick Up- May 19-21, 2021. 

$50 non-refundable deposit on chick & pullet orders

*Grow outs should not be introduced to existing flock members until they are more mature. They should be kept within eyesight, but separate for their protection

Oh my heart. The feather colour + fluffy butt of this hen will make her one of your favourites to look at for sure! Her blue feathers can be a dark blue to light blue and are laced in gold. Her small comb makes her winter hardy + she will lay throughout the winter.

Seriously, your eyes will be drawn to her beauty. If you love taking pictures- add this beauty to your flock. Love raising chicks? These girls make amazing mamas. Picture a little chick hiding under all that blue + gold fluff. Yes, please!

Poultry Size: Standard

Egg Colour: Medium beige

Egg Size: Large

Age of Lay: 22-24, she won't be your last, but not your first either

Family Friendly: 10/10

Cuddle Factor: 8/10