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  • Coral Charm peony starts out as a delicate coral bud that unfurls to a large flower.
  • Coral Charm is a large peony plant that does not require staking in the garden.
  • Coral Charm peony has the largest flowers of all the coral peony varieties.
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Coral Charm | Top Preforming Coral Peony

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Simply gorgeous. Coral Charm is the most popular variety of coral peonies due to its large coral flowers that change colour over time. The vibrant coral colour of a young bloom is intoxicating making it our all time favourite peony. Coral Charm does not require staking making it the #1 choice for peony cut flower growers in North America.

Plant this mid-blooming peony alongside early-blooming Pink Hawaiian Coral to extend the length of your coral blooms. Quickly becoming a wedding and home garden favourite, pair Coral Charm with mid blooming Gardenia for a sweet smelling bouquet your guests won't forget.

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Wissing, 1964 Hybrid Semi double Mid Coral 3 ft Yes