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Grow Gel Plus | Chick Probiotics

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Dawe's GrowGel Plus with DDP is specially formulated with electrolytes, vitamins, and probiotics to support chicks in their first few weeks of life. The bright green colour acts to attract young chickens and stimulate their desire to eat. The consistency provides energy and hydrates to reduce stress in young poultry. 

Vitamins and probiotics help to prevent common chick illness such as wry neck, splay leg, dehydration, and pasty butt in the first few weeks of life. 

All FC chicks start their first week of life with Grow Gel supplement in addition to chick starter and clean water. We highly recommend it for chicks who are transitioning to new homes to boost their immune system and reduce stress. 

Servings: 100 chicks or turkey poults, 200 pheasants, 400 quail

Weight: 7 g

Directions: Mix powder in small batches as needed with water until it forms a gel. Remove within six hours of mixing.