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Imported Buckfast | Mated Queen Bees

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Gentle bees known for honey + brood production

These Buckfast mated queen bees are imported from Italy and are ready to go to work filling up your hive. Buckfast bees are known for being the most gentle honey bee  + resistant to disease. 

For us, non-aggressive and winter hardy breeds are are key. We have kids + animals running around a while we don't mind the occasional sting on inspections, we don't want bees that hate our very presence.

What to Expect:

  • Queens will come with caged with several attendants
  • The queen will be marked white to indicate her birth year (2021)
  • The cage will have fondant stopper to allow for a slow release so the hive will more readily accept the new queen 
  • Farm gate pick up only

***FARM GATE PICK UP ONLY*** We do not ship queen bees.

OMAFRA approved to sell nucs + queens in Ontario. Permit available on request.