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Red Charm | Standout Red Peony

Red Charm | Standout Red Peony

Preorder, ships mid-October 2024

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First to the starting line, this red peony is a real charmer. Sure to catch the attention of any passersby, this red peony variety looks amazing in your garden as its early blooms herald in spring. This is our 8 year old son Mason's favourite variety, so much so, that he insists on packing every Red Charm order by himself.

Mason, as a  burgeoning 3rd generation flower farmer,  is quickly learning to have an eye for top performers. Red Charm is the most grown and sold red peony on the market. 

Because this peony is one of the first peonies to bloom, consider using it to make a hedge of big, bold red flowers. Forest Creek customers often pair Red Charm with Bartzella. 

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Glasscock, 1944 Hybrid Double Early Red 2.5 ft Yes
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