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Sarah Bernhardt | Famous Soft Pink Peony

Sarah Bernhardt | Famous Soft Pink Peony

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Quite possibly the most famous peony, Sarah Bernhardt is the first bloom that comes to mind when you think of peony flowers. Fragrant, romantic bellows of soft pink blooms are popular in the floral industry as a wedding flowers because the blooms last so long in the vase. In the garden, this older cultivar will be one of the last peonies to bloom, extending the season into June. It's only downfall is that its large, heavy blooms require the plant to be staked, well worth it for the tremendous amount of blooms this variety will produce for you. 

Forest Creek customers match our experience here on the farm, reporting 20-30 peony flowers per plant in Year 3!

Sarah Bernhardt's classic light pink colour pairs well with just about any other late- blooming varieties. Favourite pairings include Bowl of Cream (white), Alexander Fleming (hot pink), Shirley Temple (blush), or She's My Star (bicolour).

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Lemoine, 1906 Lactiflora Double Late Pink 3 ft Yes
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