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Sebastopol Geese

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We will email mailing list members when goslings come available (March through June) before putting them on the website.

You will fall hard for this breed. Hard. No, not kidding. Take everything you thought you knew about geese + throw it in the garbage. This breed is smart, gentle, quiet, funny, loyal, and cuddly! Not to mention, absolutely gorgeous. They look like ethereal, white, ballerinas floating around your backyard.

Thought swans were pretty? Meet the Sebastopol. Sebs are a medium sized breed. They do not require a pond like some waterfowl, they are not messy like ducks, and they eat mainly grass. That's right, a fluffy lawn ornament that will weed, fertilize, and mow your lawn! All the best things rolled into one. This rare breed is a great way to get started with geese as they are friendly and more quiet than most breeds.

Limited quantities of day old goslings will be available in the spring. Minimum of purchase of 2. Goslings will be all white, gray, splash or saddleback gray. Straight Run Only.

Poultry Size: Medium

Egg Colour: White

Egg Size: Large goose sized egg

Family Friendly: 10/10

Cuddle Factor: 10/10