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Summer Glow | Pastel Newcomer

Summer Glow | Pastel Newcomer

Preorder, ships mid-October 2024

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Offering a rare opportunity, Summer Glow is a pastel newcomer, available in Canada through Forest Creek, with a limited quantity available.

If you recognize elements of Summer Glow, but just can't place it, it is because it is a cross between Claire de Lune and Lady Alexander Duff. It is a mid-to-late season peony that opens to reveal a flower that reminds you of an Ontario peach in the summer. It's our pick for the next up and coming bridal flower.

Summer Glow (peach) pairs well with Madame Claude Tain (Creamy White) for the most romantic and exquisitely smelling bouquet or garden.

Breeder Type Flower type Blooming Colour Height Fragrant
Hollingsworth, 1992 Hybrid Double Mid to Late Peach 3 ft Yes
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