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Gertrude Jekyll™ | David Austin® Climber

Gertrude Jekyll™ | David Austin® Climber

Ships in April. Grafted on multiflora stock.

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Barbie pink anyone? Gertrude Jekyll™is a bright pink shrub rose. Flowers form a rosette shape. Gertrude Jekyll™is a prolific repeat bloomer with strong old rose fragrance. It is versatile and can be planted in all soil types and facing all directions. It will perform in partially shaded areas with at least 6 hrs of daylight. Gertrude Jekyll™'s bright Barbie pink colour makes it an excellent choice for borders or in large pots for a statement piece. Not only does it look good, its strong scent will leave a lasting impression as it fills the air in your garden.

Hardy to Zone 3

Breeder Type Bloom Size Blooming Colour Height Fragrance
Austin, 1986 Climber  Large Repeat Bloomer bright pink

4 ft x 10ft

 Strong, old rose
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