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Olivia Rose Austin ™ | David Austin®

Olivia Rose Austin ™ | David Austin®

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Picture a vase full of pretty pink garden roses in your house. Enjoy a fruity rose scent every time you walk by- this is Olivia Rose. Comparable to Queen of Sweden (light pink), Olivia is a more medium pink in colour with all the same great aspects of Queen of Sweden. The rose plant has strong stems that allow the roses to face upright making them ideal for flower arrangements. It is for this reason it is must have for farmer florists or floral designers. The leaves are dark green and shiny, making the colour of the rose pop. It is a very healthy rose, resistant to black spot.

Hardy to Zone 3

Breeder Type Bloom Size Blooming Colour Height Fragrance
Austin, 2014 Shrub Large Repeat  Mid Pink  4 x 3 ft Medium, fruity
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